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Mon, Aug. 31st, 2009, 10:05 am
senka_valdis: Five Things Sam Did After Baal Never Arrived to Destroy Earth


Disclaimer: All characters, etc belong to their creators, producers, etc.




Five Things Sam Did After Baal Never Arrived to Destroy Earth in Continuum







After what feels like 5000 re-writes; with her editor making suggestions on one side and her military contact complaining about potentially classified material on the other, Sam finally publishes a series of books under the pseudonym, Vala mal Doran.

She never meets anyone from the publishers face to face, never agrees to interviews or a cover photo and never does any book signings.


Daniel and Cameron send her notes, making jokes about requesting a percentage of the royalties and end up having to reserve copies from the bookstores, so they don’t have to wait for the second run to arrive.


The Wormhole Extreme Series is on the best sellers list for seven years.

The TV series runs for 12 years.





Sam grows her hair longer than she ever has in her entire life and dyes it a new colour every two months.

Pink is followed by blue, then green, red, orange, yellow and purple.

Firstly, because there’s no one to tell her she can’t.

And secondly, because people stop looking at her face and start staring at her hair.




Sam buys a house, where on three sides the windows look out onto the ocean.

She keeps a motorbike, a jeep and light aircraft in her garage.

She takes over the small bookstore, puts in a few computers, a coffee machine and dries out John Sheppard.

Sam makes him open up the store in the mornings, so that she can sleep in.




Sam slips her surveillance once.

To sit at the bar, in a hotel, where Rodney McKay is downing tequila and lime and complaining about the idiots (people) also attending the physics conference.

Her hair is event horizon blue and she’s still vain enough to appreciate the astonished, jealous looks Rodney gets when she gives him the spare swipe card to her room.




Nobody assumes that the baby is John Sheppard’s.

Not even when he starts nagging her about her diet and her doctor’s appointments. About staying off the motor bike and keeping her feet firmly on the ground.

He backs off a bit when Cameron and Daniel finally visit. And resumes his mother hen impersonation the moment they leave.


Jacob Daniel Carter arrives two weeks early.

One a clear summer night just as the meteor shower is lighting up the sky.